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Aithyne on Livejournal
"Love is the Fire of Life; it either consumes or purifies."
I did a friend's cut tonight. I'm sorry, and I really didn't want to hurt any feelings, but I've lost "touch" with some people and I also added a couple I never really knew well. I want to use my livejournal more but I don't always feel entirely comfortable posting here.

Some people were removed simply because I feel like there hasn't been any real interaction between us in quite some time.

If I removed you and you'd really be sad by it, you know, say something. I am clueless about what other people think or feel sometimes and the last thing I want is to hurt anyone's feelings. And...anyone I did remove is always, always free to PM me and chat. I am not saying we're not friends/friendly/on good terms. I am just trying to tighten up my LJ a little more.

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Friends cut. If I removed you and I should not have, I'm sorry. Please let me know. I removed people who didn't seem to be using their LJ or didn't seem to really be paying attention to mine. I don't care about comments but it seems like there is no interaction going back and forth and, well, I needed to close up my circle, in a sense.

I'll be doing another one shortly. If you could just kind of leave a "I'm checking it out" type comment on an entry, I'd appreciate it, just so I know. Since I do post about my kids and my life, I'm being more careful as my LJ is my "private" space. It's not necessary, but it helps me know.

As always, free pass to remove me. :)
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Now? Probably me. I never let up on myself.


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Friends cut, but they were dead journals so none of you should be affected.
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I just did a friends cut. I removed people that I have had no contact with in at least a year (or close to it) and haven't updated. Basically, what seemed to be a dead LJ. I also removed some people who do not seem to use their LJs but keep in touch via Facebook or whatnot.

If I removed ANYONE that still reads along and is just quiet, I am sorry. Just let me know and I'll add you back. :) I just felt weird not knowing who was still actively reading.

I'm also extending an invitation to remove me from your flist, no offense taken! Seriously. I know that comfort spaces change, or that people add others to be nice and find out you don't mesh, or whatever. I do not mind and I will still consider you a friend. :) Open invitation!

'cause if you defriend me a week from now I will go all Pluto on you.
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